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    Fresh purchases brought
    directly to your door

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    Too many responsibilities, so little time?
    Make your life easier – let us do your shopping for you!

    Simply select everything you need online and we’ll deliver your 100% quality purchase straight to your door at a time that suits you, or you can at the very least stop at our shop on the way home. Fantastic, isn’t it?

    Try Tesco Online Shopping
    and get € 5 off your first purchase!*

    Does shopping from the comfort of your home turn you on? Then check out all the advantages you’ll get from Online Shopping and take € 5 off your first purchase!
    Redeem the e-coupon below for your first purchase: Enter discount code in the e-coupon column and confirm that you are redeeming it. The discount will be taken automatically.

    Ako to funguje

    *Only one discount may be selected from among e-coupon. E-coupon is valid for one-time purchase and only for the first purchase from Tesco Online Shopping.

    • 1. Registration
      Simple and quick registration at Tesco Online Shopping →
    • 3. Purchase
      Choose from our broad online offer of goods.
    • 5. Payment
      You can pay for goods online beforehand, or using your credit card at your door.
    • 2. Time selection
      Choose a 2-hour time slot from 8 am to 10 pm.
    • 4. First-Time Discount!
      Remember to redeem your discount e-coupon with your first purchase.
    • 6. Delivery of the shopping
      We will bring your shopping to your door.

    Why Tesco Online Shopping?

    • Shopping and delivery when it’s convenient for you;
    • Your shopping is prepared in the morning of the delivery date;
    • Ideal temperature throughout transportation guarantees that your goods stay fresh;
    • Heavy shopping delivered to your door;
    • Keep your food expenditure under your control;
    • Give us back whatever you don’t like; you pay only for the goods you accept.


    Register your Clubcard number and get double the credits for every shop using Tesco Online Shopping!

    Still don’t have your Clubcard? →

    Fresh goods? No worries!

    Čerstvosť tovaru

    When selecting goods, our trained staff have a motto: “I’ll choose every item of product as if I were shopping for myself.” This means that only the absolute best will find its way into your shopping basket.

    If there is anything you don’t like when you receive your shopping, you can give it back to us without stating any reason, and you’ll not be charged for it.

    What do our customers say?

    “I’m on maternity leave and trying to spend all my time with my son. It’s a trying time, but Tesco Online Shopping helps me cope. I can’t imagine myself dragging my shopping home and pushing a stroller at the same time. I encourage all mothers to take advantage of it!"

    Simina Š. (31), Košice

    “I’m flying about all day and there’s no time to buy food for the house while I’m working. My wife is just as exhausted so we decided to take the most reasonable route. Buy everything online and have it delivered straight to our door. We save loads of time and can spend more of it with our children.”

    Viliam K. (45), Trnava

    “I’m getting too old and tired to do a lot of shopping. There’s no one to drive me. My sons live somewhere else, but they come to visit me every weekend so I need to have some cakes and good food ready for my grandchildren. One of my sons suggested I try Tesco Online Shopping. Ever since then I’ve shopped nowhere else. A rather hard-working driver brings me everything and even carries it up to the 5th floor. No kidding!”

    Anka K. (59), Galanta

    Your favourite store always at hand!


    The Tesco Online Shopping mobile app is a unique way to easily get your shopping done using your mobile phone.

    1. All benefits of shopping using the “Tesco Online Shopping” app
    2. The function of reading product EAN codes and adding them to your shopping basket
    3. Creating “your own shopping lists” in line with your individual needs
    4. Adding items to your “Favourites”
    5. You have your Clubcard directly in your mobile phone

    Find out more and download the app →

    Where is the Tesco Online
    Shopping service available?

    The Tesco Online Shopping service is available for over 1.5 million people in Slovakia in 90 locations – including Bratislava, Nitra and Košice, also in Trnava, Malacky, Prešov, Galanta, Šaľa, Zlaté Moravce, Pieštany or Moldava nad Bodvou and their surrounding areas.


    Click & Collect!
    Personal collection of goods


    How to shop without leaving your car?

    No time to enter any shops, even though they’re on your way? Let us prepare your shopping and just pick it up in a selected store without having to get out of your car! Until you come to collect it, it will be waiting for you in ideal temperature conditions.

    The service is currently available in Tesco Extra Zlaté piesky, Petržalka, Košice and in the hypermarket in Nitra.


    Look how simple it is

    Frequently asked questions

    The price of the service depends entirely on the delivery time of your choice. It does not depend on the volume or weight of goods or on the total basket price. The charge for each delivery slot is specified in the section “Book your delivery slot”. You can see the amount of the charge before you start making your shopping list. The delivery price starts from € 1,59! The personal collection service “Click & Collect” costs € 0.99.

    Your shopping basket is prepared by a team of specially trained employees, who do their utmost to give you the best, finest-quality goods. We select the freshest products with the longest expiry periods possible – so we act as if you were doing the shopping yourself. When selecting the products, our employees always ask themselves the question: “Would I buy these goods myself?” In addition, selected goods undergo an additional check to make sure you are not delivered anything which is not of the finest quality. We then transport and store the goods in vehicles with regulated air-conditioning. We recommend that you check your goods when you receive them. If the quality of any item does not meet your expectations, you can return it to the delivery worker without stating any reason and you will not be charged for the goods. If you discover that a delivered product does not meet your expectations only after the delivery worker has left, you may return the product together with the delivery receipt to a Tesco shop in accordance with the terms and conditions of our complaints procedure.

    You will be charged the prices of goods which are valid in the hypermarket on the delivery date. The price may, in certain cases, therefore be higher or lower than the price stated on the web page on the date when you drew up your shopping basket. You can also choose two different forms of payment – paying with your credit card online or at your door when receiving your goods. Each employee delivering goods has a portable payment terminal. Unfortunately, no cash or meal vouchers are accepted.

    If an item from your shopping basket is not available, the worker will choose the most suitable alternative for you. This item will be delivered in a special blue bag. It is your choice whether to accept or refuse this alternative.

    If you enter your Clubcard number when registering with the Tesco Online Shopping service, double the number of Clubcard points areautomatically added to your Clubcard account.

    Our tip

    If, during your registration, you tick that you agree to receive marketing offers, there are other great discounts ready and waiting for you!

    Any questions?

    Contact us free of charge:
    by phone 0800 222 333
    or e-mail to
    We speak English.

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