We greatly value your trust and thank you for respecting all measures that increase the safety of delivery of your purchases and help protect both you, our customers and our drivers. Because of the current development with coronavirus situation we have to restrict delivery to the first lockable door starting
    5. 10. 2020 to further ensure hygienic standards and your safety. Please wear a protective face mask when the order is delivered and check if you have the right phone contact so our driver can arrange delivery details to your satisfaction. We continue to do our best to deliver your purchases to you safely. We observe the highest hygienic measures – from the use of face masks and disinfection to maintaining safe distances.


    Due to the changing nature of situation, restrictions in place may change. In order to best handle the current situation together, we would also like to ask you to follow the instructions below.

    Important information for customers in personal quarantine

    In order to minimize the spread of infection it’s important that you closely follow the measures in taking over your purchased goods when you are in mandatory or voluntary quarantine. We want to deliver your order as safely as possible. To succeed and to protect your health and the health of our couriers, we request you to follow a few simple steps thoroughly.
    • Let us know in advance if you are in personal quarantine, in a note with the order form.
    • Please, choose online payment in advance. To ensure no contact with the driver we are unable to offer payment at the door to our customers in quarantine.
    • Please inform the courier about your quarantine when he calls you to agree on an appropriate method and place of delivery of the ordered goods. We would like to ensure you that your purchase will still be delivered in a safe way.
    • Please select paper bags for delivery, so we can protect you and our driver as well.
    Thank you for following this procedure to help us provide our service to as many customers as possible.

    Current local restrictions in distribution

    In the locality of XX (or XY and YY...) following restrictions apply: XX. XX and XX.

    These restrictions apply to the delivery of purchases from XX. XX. XXXX until further notice.

    Currently valid restrictions


    As we strive to make our service available to as many customers as possible and to be sure we’re all safe, the following restrictions still apply to all delivery areas of Tesco Online shopping. Also, we are still adhering to to the highest standards of safety by wearing masks and protecting gloves during the delivery, using antibacterial facilities for disinfecting both the hands and payment terminals and keeping social distancing.



    Prefer payment with card


    Pay with card online in advance if possible. It helps us to reduce the interaction between you and the driver minimising the risk of spreading the virus. The final price will be deducted from your account after the delivery.



    First lockable door delivery only


    We want to deliver to you as safely as possible. Our driver won’t be able to come into your home however he will still deliver to your first door after he calls you with an exact time of his arrival.



    Maximum order size limits


    To help us offer our service to as many customers as possible, orders may be limited to a maximum delivery size of 80 kg per order to prevent bulk-purchasing. The limit should not prevent customers from placing orders which are the equivalent to a large family shop. If you do reach our maximum limit you will be informed by a message on the website, whilst creating your order.



    Please ensure your phone number is up to date in your Tesco account


    To support the reduction in personal contact, our driver will always contact you via phone prior to delivery to agree where to leave your shopping though now they can also deliver it right to your doorstep. They will ask you if you are in a personal quarantine to consider the safest method of delivery. They will also agree on any substitute items you may not wish to accept.



    Delivery of all orders in bags only


    To protect you and our drivers, we recommend that you choose to have your order delivered in bags. In this way we can eliminate personal contact with the goods.

    Changes are valid for orders made 5. 10. 2020 and later.

    Do you need help?

    Call us free on our Customer line, daily from 07:00 to 23:00. We are happy to answer all your questions.
    Please, prepare your order number and choose number 2 on our Customer line for faster processing of your request.