The hardest part is over though that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be cautious. Life is getting back on track but we still want to provide basic foods to as many customers as possible. For that reason we’ve decided to keep some of the restrictions in Tesco Online shopping for a few more weeks.



    First door delivery only

    For the safety reasons our drivers are going to deliver the purchase only to the first door of the building. However if you are over 65 or have a health disability, we’re able to deliver the goods to your door. Just don’t forget to mention it your order.



    Please ensure your phone number is up to date in your Tesco account.

    To support the reduction in personal contact, our driver will contact you via phone, prior to delivery agree where to leave your Shopping. They will also agree on any substitute items you may not wish to accept.



    Payment methods

    We only offer online payment method for new orders. Due to overload of the Tesco Online shopping, payment complications may occur in the final step of your order. In this case, try completing your purchase in an incognito window or in another browser.



    Maximum order size limits

    To help us offer our Service to as many customers as possible, any new orders placed or changed from 26th March may be limited to a maximum delivery size of 80 kg per order, to prevent bulk-purchasing. The limit should not prevent customers from placing orders which are the equivalent to a large family shop. If you do reach our maximum limit you will be informed by a message on the website, whilst creating your order.



    Delivery Time Reservation

    Due to increased customer interest in online shopping these days, there might be fewer delivery dates available. Therefore, it is good to order a delivery service well in advance. You can book your delivery date up to three weeks ahead and change your order until 23.00 before the day of delivery, if you choose to do so.



    Product Replacement

    We would really like to deliver all the goods as you ordered them, however in some cases, a specific product might not be in stock at that time, so we deliver its alternative. Our drivers have an important role to play in food delivery, and in this exceptional situation, we must ensure the elimination of personal contact and the protection of the health of our drivers. If you do not want a replacement product, you can return it to the nearest Tesco store and we will refund your money. Or, you can return it to the driver, provided that there is no close contact and your health and the health of our drivers will be protected.



    Delivery of all Orders in Bags Only

    To protect you and our drivers, we recommend that you choose to have your order delivered in bags. In this way we can eliminate personal contact with the goods.

    Important Information for Customers in Personal Quarantine

    In order to prevent the spread of infection and following the recommendations and measures adopted by the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic, we had to take measures in handing over your purchased goods. That is why our driver can not hand over the delivered goods directly to your hands. However, we want to deliver your order as safely as possible. To succeed and to protect your health and the health of our couriers, we request you to follow a few simple steps.
    • Let us know if you are in personal quarantine, in a note with the order form.
    • Pay online in advance. No other payment types accepted at this time.
    • The courier will call you and agree on the method and place of delivery of the ordered goods. We would like to ensure you that your purchase will still be delivered in a safe way.
    • Please select paper bags for delivery, so we can protect you and our driver as well.

    We hope you find this information helpful. We will do our best to make sure online shopping runs smoothly.

    All our Lines are overloaded at the Moment. We kindly request you to only contact our Call center if your query cannot be answered by this page.

    Do you need help?

    Use the free hotline, every day from 7:00 to 23:00. We are happy to answer all your questions.