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    We guarantee you the highest quality of online shopping.

    Tesco Online shopping is an online service with which you can choose from many products from the comfort of your home. We are constantly improving our offer to bring you the best. We double check the freshness of each product. We guarantee you quick refund process. We stand behind the quality of our products and services. This isn't just empty talk, when it comes to the quality, we always keep our word.

    We say, we do.

    Double check guarantee

    Double check guarantee

    We double check the quality and freshness of each product. Let's order from thousands of products online. Our pickers pick only the best for you as they follow their motto “Would I buy it for myself?”

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    Quality delivery guarantee

    Quality delivery guarantee

    We maintain the optimal temperature and store every order in the best conditions until it gets to you. And, of course, your orders are delivered right to your first lockable doors, so you don't struggle with heavy bags.

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    Easy refund processes guarantee

    Easy refund processes guarantee

    Just tell us if you are dissatisfied with your order. Don't worry, we won't have any useless questions, only solutions. No quibbles, even no proofs needed.

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    How online shopping works?

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    You can shop from
    more than 13 500
    products online

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    Choose the most
    convenient delivery time
    from 8 till 22 every day

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    You can pay quickly
    and safely by
    card or online

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    We deliver
    right to your
    first doorstep

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    We check the
    quality of every

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    We keep your purchase
    in ideal temperature during

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    You can shop for
    the same prices
    as in store

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    You can return to us
    whatever you don‘t
    want to overtake

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    Save with more than
    1 500 promotions
    a week

    Find more detailed information about online delivery, browse FAQ or contact us at links below.

    How we can guarantee you freshness of your order?

    How we can guarantee you freshness of your order?

    Quality of the delivered products is very important for us, because we know how important it is for you. That's why we have trained staff who pick the order as if they were doing it for themselves.

    Our pickers are preparing your orders at 6 AM so they can choose from the freshest pieces in the store. They check twice if the fruit and vegetables aren't damaged or battered. They also check expiry dates and choose products with the longest shelf life. In case that any item is unavailable, the pickers will choose you the most suitable substitution according to the exact rules. They consider the brand and the price of the ordered product.

    Our pickers are very consistently trained for product selection. Just to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase and that we may assure you that what we say, we also do.

    How we can guarantee you the most comfortable way of shopping?

    How we can guarantee you the most comfortable way of shopping?

    Easily. Just try it. For example from the bathtub, the tram, the couch, or the gym.

    Choose from quality products online, then the delivery time that suits you best and we will deliver your heavy shopping right to you. You can always rely on the safest way of shopping just with a few clicks. Book your delivery slot and we guarantee you that your shopping will be delivered on time at the two-hour intervals you have chosen.

    If you are dissatisfied with anything or, for example, we would be more than 30 minutes late, which we hope will not happen, you get adequate compensation. You can count on it too. More interested about in our complaints solving? Read below.

    How we can guarantee you refund processes without quibbles?

    How we can guarantee you refund processes without quibbles?

    Well, we truly do everything to make you happy. And what we say, we also do. Our novelty is fine-tuned complaint processes. If you feel unhappy with delivered products for any reason, we instantly solve your demands with no proofs needed.

    We simply trust you. If you want to reject the item right at the delivery, feel free to do that. The total amount will be deduct by the price of returning goods, in case of payment online money will be given back in few days or won’t be torn down.

    You can also return or exchange products at any Tesco store. And you can also complain via our customer service line - phone, e-mail, online chat.

    Every complaint is handled individually and compensation is offered in the form of an e-coupon. Yes, that simple it is.

    Do you need help?

    Call us free on our Customer line, daily from 07:00 to 23:00. We are happy to answer all your questions.

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